Opal offer a wide range of water treatment services across the UK. We work with businesses of all sizes and industries, providing water treatment services to keep supplies safe, compliant and hygienic.

Water Treatment UK

If your business deals with the public, or at-risk groups such as the ill or elderly, there are specific water safety guidelines that you must meet.


Working with chain and boutique hotels, Opal carry out our work discreetly, around room changeover times, and without disturbing your guests. From water service contracts to our legionella services, we will ensure your hotel water supply is clean and undisrupted.


We work for schools, colleges and universities, ensuring drinking water is safe, recommissioning systems after a long break, or carrying out general water maintenance. We can work around teaching hours and term dates to ensure minimal disruption.

Property Management

Opal work closely with property managers, taking the responsibility of inspection visits, closed system water treatment and chlorination of plant room tanks , with a clear line of responsibility for upkeep.

Care Homes

Opal work with care home groups to ensure optimal water hygiene and safety for both residents and staff. Because of illness or old age, we appreciate that residents are a high risk group. We can help to manage scald risks as well as bacteria such as legionella from showers and taps.


Our work in shopping centres keeps water safety and hygiene maintained for the public and staff, ensuring that regulations are complied with. From maintenance and sampling visits to all other services including staff training, Opal can help.

Facilities Management

Opal work closely with facilities management companies to support their maintenance services with industry-specific knowledge, consultancy and hygiene contracts. We can accompany a facility manager on customer visits to discuss their requirements and how we can help.


Our in house team of consultants have years of experience, and can offer advice on your water system and compliance. If you would like to speak to Opal about how we can help you manage the water safety and hygiene for your business, please get in touch.