Opal work with care providers, nursing homes and care home groups to ensure optimal water hygiene and safety for your residents and staff. Because of illness or old age, we appreciate that your residents are a high risk group. We can help you manage your scald risk as well as bacteria such as legionella from showers and taps.

Water Treatment Services

Operating nationwide, Opal appreciate that your residents require minimum disruption when we carry out work. We’ll arrange a time that works best for you, attend promptly and work efficiently.

We work with both hot and cold water systems. Our care home services include:

Water Sampling and Testing

Opal’s technicians can take water samples and run tests for a variety of bacteria, viruses and contaminants, as well as checking suitability of drinking water.


When legionella bacteria grow and spread in water systems that create an aerosol – like showers, cooling towers, hot tubs and other plumbing systems – they become a health concern. Opal provide risk assessments, training, testing and treatment for legionella.

TMV Service and Replacement

Essential to industries with a duty of care, we can service, repair or replace your TMV to ensure there is no risk of scalding.

Water Softener System Installation, Service and Disinfection

Opal can install and maintain your water softener system. We offer installation, servicing and disinfection.

Water Hygiene Service Contracts

Water Hygiene

Opal offer bespoke water hygiene contracts for a range of services, including testing, temperature monitoring, flushing and equipment servicing. Our engineers are proactive and thorough, providing the best possible support.


water disinfection

Chlorination keeps hot and cold water services free of microorganisms such as bacteria, viruses and microbes. This process can be carried out preventatively, if any suspected contamination has occurred, or if a system has not been used for a period of time outside of the recommended usage.

Water Treatment Log Books

Log books are used at sites to record and closely monitor information relating to your water supply. As well as Health & Safety measures, they are used to communicate to staff the importance of water hygiene and control, as well as record roles and responsibilities.

“Opal Water Treatment provides a service contract for inspecting, cleaning and maintaining our water storage systems. They carried out the changing of a large water cylinder, and changed and serviced a great number of TMVs, in our 60-bedded care home, at the beginning of the year. The team, under the direction of their very professional and friendly director Dan Dixon, carried out a highly satisfactory jobThank you to Dan and his team at Opal Water Treatment Ltd, for their continued service.”

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