Our work in shops and shopping centres keeps water safety and hygiene maintained for the shoppers and staff, ensuring that you are complying with regulations.

Commercial Water Softener and Services

Whether you need a one-off inspection or sampling visit or dosing to the closed system, Opal can help with your water needs.

We offer several water treatment services to commercial businesses to keep your water supply clean and safe:


water disinfection

Chlorination keeps hot and cold water services free of microorganisms such as bacteria, viruses and microbes. This process can be carried out preventatively, if any suspected contamination has occurred, or if a system has not been used for a period of time outside of the recommended usage.

Water Sampling and Testing

Opal’s technicians can take water samples and run tests for a variety of bacteria, viruses and contaminants, as well as checking suitability of drinking water.

Legionella Awareness Training

Legionella training is imperative to industries where there is a high risk of a water aerosol being produced through showers and taps. Our bespoke training ensures that you manage the risk safely and efficiently.

Closed System Testing and Flushing

Because closed systems are sealed and contain a fixed volume of water, they can be neglected until they start to malfunction. We can test, flush and monitor your system to ensure it works correctly.

Water Treatment Plant and Equipment Maintenance

The equipment required to treat and manage water: its storage, hardness, cleanliness and temperature, all needs to be maintained to high standards for safety and compliance. Opal can support with supply and installation of new equipment to water testing, ongoing servicing and remedial works. 

Water Tank Refurbishment and Replacement

From surveys to refurbishment and installation, Opal can help you maintain your water tank.