Opal Water Treatment offer a comprehensive service to ensure your water is safe and compliant. Benefiting from both competitive pricing and excellent customer service, you can trust that Opal has the knowledge to do the job efficiently. We are based in Essex, and operate nationwide.

Opal’s Water Treatment Services

Whether you’re looking for testing, treatment, equipment maintenance or a contract to cover all of these, Opal’s experienced engineers and technicians are here to help.

Covid Water Hygiene Management

Legionella Testing

As businesses return to normal, their water systems may have suffered a build-up of legionella due to reduced occupancy. Opal will ensure that your water is recommissioned and managed safely.

Water Hygiene Service Contracts

Water Hygiene

Opal offer bespoke water hygiene contracts for a range of services, including testing, temperature monitoring, flushing and equipment servicing. Our engineers are proactive and thorough, providing the best possible support.


When legionella bacteria grow and spread in water systems that create an aerosol – like showers, cooling towers, hot tubs and other plumbing systems – they become a health concern. Opal provide risk assessments, training, testing and treatment for legionella.

Water Testing

Opal offer a comprehensive water sampling service, full testing and analysis, plus support with results. With management of chlorine dioxide, closed system and swimming pool testing and more, we can test for many bacteria and contaminants to ensure the safety of your water.

Water Treatment Plant and Equipment

The equipment required to treat and manage water: its storage, hardness, cleanliness and temperature, all needs to be maintained to high standards for safety and compliance. Opal can support with supply and installation of new equipment to water testing, ongoing servicing and remedial works. 


water disinfection

Chlorination keeps hot and cold water services free of microorganisms such as bacteria, viruses and microbes. This process can be carried out preventatively, if any suspected contamination has occurred, or if a system has not been used for a period of time outside of the recommended usage.

Cooling Towers

From maximising efficiency of the system to controlling contaminants, Opal works with you to ensure that you’re meeting HSE requirements on cleaning, bacterial control, inspections and repairs, with regular checks where required to ensure continued compliance.