From maximising efficiency of the system to controlling contaminants, Opal work with you to ensure that you’re meeting HSE requirements on cleaning, bacterial control, inspections and repairs, with regular checks where required to ensure continued compliance.

Industrial Water Cooling Tower Cleaning

Cooling towers require attentive control to manage scale and corrosion on the equipment and bacteria levels. As well as being a health and safety issue, these cause a reduction in efficiency and increase your operating costs.

We carefully remove all components, including drift eliminators, to ensure complete chlorination or disinfection of the internals of water cooling towers.

Bacteria Levels

Bacterial growth is something that happens naturally.  Our inspections, along with scheduled maintenance and remedial works, control the bacterial growth within the cooling tower. With the correct treatment of inhibitor and biocides, levels can be controlled.

Opal can offer installation and management of dosing control connected to the cooling tower, with a scale and corrosion inhibitor and two types of biocide to manage the water environment.

Inspections and Repairs of Industrial Water Cooling Towers

Regular inspections and maintenance minimise shutdowns and ensure efficiency. We offer mechanical inspections of the whole cooling tower, including drift eliminator and pack inspections. Following this, we can repair or replace, and dependant on the pond condition, we are able to offer a number of relining options.

Meeting Safety Requirements

Weekly checks by site and monthly checks by Opal ensure that you are operating within safety guidelines.

We will check your chemical stock, ensuring it’s bunded correctly, plus provide material safety data and COSHH sheets.

Evidence of Works

To support you in your safety records, we are careful to take pre-, mid- and post-chlorination and disinfection photos to demonstrate our works.