Legionella training is imperative to industries such as hotels, schools and care homes. All responsible persons in any sector should have suitable competence and understanding of legionella awareness and legionella control within their system.

Legionella Training

Rather than offering generic training, Opal offers bespoke onsite legionella awareness training aimed towards on site systems ensuing all persons are familiar with legionella. We will provide you with background on legionella, discussing our experiences with previous cases and talk about the systems likely to be affected and the outcome.

We will discuss the preventative measures you should take and talk about risk assessments. We will ensure your staff are aware of their responsibilities when it comes to managing this risk, and when they should call a professional.

Our legionella training is a three-hour morning or afternoon session, arranged around your schedule. Opal’s training is run by engineers with years of experience, who handle this type of issue every day and can provide detailed answers to any questions.

There will be a test at the end to ensure we’re confident in your team’s competency and will provide you with an in-house training certificate after the course.

Other Legionella Options

Opal’s specialist team offers further legionella support to keep your site and supply safe: