Opal offer water hygiene contracts for a broad range of services, including testing, temperature monitoring, flushing and servicing. We have a well-trained, responsive team, and always ensure that we comply with regulations and make best practice recommendations.


For our new customers, we will work to understand you and your needs, as well as the needs of your system, before we make recommendations for your contract. We’ll undertake a full survey of your system to start.

We’ll look at your legionella risk assessment if it’s relevant and due, and then write a bespoke contract or programme, including all the services required for HSE and relevant codes of practice for your industry and equipment. Our aim is to ensure that your water is safe and compliant.

Water Hygiene

Water Hygiene Service Contracts – What’s Included

We don’t offer a ‘one-size-fits-all’ contract, as each of our contracts is structured bespoke for your needs, according to compliance, your equipment, requirements, on-site resources, and our recommendations. Whether you have cooling towers, or a water softener, we can recommend a support contract that fits exactly what you need.

Opal’s engineers are both proactive and thorough, giving you the best possible support for your water hygiene.

Obviously, we’ll discuss and agree it with you first, but we’ll ensure that your water service contract covers a comprehensive compliance programme, which can include:

Your bespoke contract will highlight what tasks both site and Opal are responsible for to ensure transparency and that no element is missed.

Opal have a responsive customer service team, and our engineers have worked for years in the water industry, meaning maintenance work or issues that arise are resolved quickly and efficiently.