Opal offer a comprehensive water sampling service, full testing and analysis, and support with results.

Water Testing

Our technicians work quickly and efficiently to retrieve samples and analyse results from commercial and industrial systems. We can test for many bacteria and contaminants such as legionella and chlorine dioxide to ensure the safety of your water. When we provide your results, we’ll make appropriate recommendations to resolve any issues with your supply.

Water Sampling and Testing

Opal’s technicians can take water samples and run tests for a variety of bacteria, viruses and contaminants, as well as checking suitability of drinking water.

Chlorine Dioxide Testing

Widely used as a disinfectant, chlorine dioxide can be harmful in large quantities. We can test, monitor and manage levels in your water supply.

Legionella Testing

We can test for legionella if there is a suspected issue, a period of no usage, conditions have provided a nutrient for it to grow, disinfections have not been managed, or if temperatures are out of specification.

Swimming Pool Testing

Keeping your pool safe for swimmers is achieved through regular testing. Opal can test your water is safe – from pH, chlorine and alkalinity, to contaminants like pseudomonas and E Coli.

Closed System Testing and Flushing

Because closed systems are sealed and contain a fixed volume of water, they can be neglected until they start to malfunction. We can test, flush and monitor your system to ensure it works correctly.

Water treatment log books

Log books are used at sites to record and closely monitor information relating to your water supply. As well as Health & Safety measures, they are used to communicate to staff the importance of water hygiene and control, as well as record roles and responsibilities.