Opal monitors and manages closed systems. Because these systems are sealed and use a fixed volume of water that is recirculated, they can tend to be neglected until they start to malfunction.

Issues such as clogged strainer baskets can negatively affect the whole system, so arranging testing and remedial visits ensure that you get the most from your equipment, as well as ensuring minimal downtime.

Closed System Testing

We can carry out testing of your heating and chilled systems. We’ll take a water sample for chemical or bacterial analysis, and can support you in corrective action if levels are out of specification.

If the lab results come back showing an issue, we can take care of any remedial measures to manage the problem. We’ll ensure that you have the correct dosage of scale inhibitor chemical and correct biocidal treatment to get your system back up and running.

Closed System Flushing

Opal maintain closed systems such as Fan Coil Units (FCUs), Heat Interface Units (HIUs) and Air Handling Units (AHUs), as well as the valves and other components of these systems.

We are able to flush your heating or chilled system including any associated equipment such as filters or strainers and provide photographic evidence of the quality of water through each stage of the flushing process.  We are also able to take pre and post-flushing samples which are submitted to the laboratory for certification.

If a discharge licence is required, we can obtain this for you, and where appropriate, will carry out works in accordance with the Pre-Commission Cleaning of Pipework Systems guide (BG29).

Closed System Monitoring

Opal offer regular monitoring to make sure levels are being controlled and that equipment is functioning as it should. Ongoing services minimise disruption to the business as we work around your business needs.

Before and after of a filter change on a closed water heating system showing significant dirt that can build up if not managed correctly.



If you have ongoing issues or want help interpreting lab results, just give us a call. Our engineers have years of experience, and can offer consultancy for specific problems to recommend measures, advise and reassure you.