The equipment required to treat and manage water: its storage, hardness, cleanliness and temperature, all needs to be maintained to high standards for safety and compliance. With years of experience, we are always mindful of HSE compliance, as well as other industry standards and guidelines. Opal can support your water treatment needs, from installation to water testing, ongoing servicing and remedial works.

Water Treatment Equipment

Opal offer competitively-priced support for a range of water treatment systems and equipment, and have technicians working throughout the UK. Equipment we regularly service or replace includes water tanks, water softeners and TMVs.

Water Tank Refurbishment and Replacement

From surveys to refurbishment and installation, Opal can help you maintain your water tank.

Water Softener System Installation, Service and Disinfection

Opal can install and maintain your water softener system. We offer installation, servicing and disinfection.

TMV Service and Replacement

As per guidelines, TMVs are required to be fail safety checked six-monthly and fully serviced annually.  Opal can service, repair, or replace your TMV to ensure there is no risk of scalding.

Whatever purpose your water treatment plant or equipment serves, we can help with cost-effective and reliable installation and maintenance. If you’d like to discuss your requirements with Opal, just get in touch and we can arrange a free site visit.

Water Treatment Plant

Water treatment plant means any type of equipment, device, treatment unit, or structure that in some way alters the physical, chemical, or microbiological quality of the water, excluding booster chlorination facilities within the distribution system of a public water system that has a classified water treatment plant. A public water system may be comprised of more than one water treatment plant.

A water treatment plant system may include any of the following:

  • Collection
  • Screening and straining
  • Chemical addition
  • Coagulation and flocculation
  • Sedimentation and clarification
  • Filtration
  • Disinfection
  • Storage
  • Distribution

Opal’s specialist water treatment engineers can help optimise the performance of your system.