A Thermostatic Mixing Valve (TMV) controls the water temperature from a tap or shower head. It ensures that the hot and cold water supplies are mixed safely. The most effective measure to prevent scalding is by controlling the outlet temperature of water, and TMVs are the best device to limit the temperature.

Particularly important in care homes, hospitals, schools and hotels, this valve needs servicing regularly to ensure it’s working correctly. Guidance is once a year as a minimum.

TMV Service

TMVs can cause local problems with the water from the tap or shower head it feeds. As well as managing the scald risk, there’s a danger of bacterial problems developing if the temperature isn’t being managed correctly.

To correctly service a TMV, it needs to be removed from the surrounding pipework or isolated from the valves at either side. It has to be taken apart to clean the strainer, the O Rings have to be checked to see if they require replacement, and all water particles must be cleaned from it.

We’ll check to ensure that the TMV isn’t passing too much hot or cold water and not providing a scald risk.

TMV Replacement

If we find an issue with your TMV on inspection, we’ll provide you with a price to replace or rectify any issues. 

TMV3 is usually the commercial grade mixer valve of choice, but Opal will always ensure your TMV is replaced with the correct and highest industry standard.

Your Service Report

Opal Water Treatment can take photographs of our works if requested, and will provide a descriptive record sheet of all assets and locations, and whether they have passed or failed their service.