Whether you have a simplex or duplex water softener system, Opal Water Treatment can quickly and efficiently service, install or disinfect your equipment.

Hard or Soft Water?

Water described as ‘hard’ contains high amounts of calcium and magnesium. It is not a health hazard. However, beyond it being an acquired taste, hard water can easily interfere with all related equipment, causing scale build-up that makes it operate inefficiently, or even fail.

To remove these mineral deposits, hard water passes through water softeners, where these ions are attracted to resin beads. An ion exchange takes place, with sodium ions replacing the calcium and magnesium.

Water Softener System Installation

Opal can install a water softener system that will remove this water hardness, as well as blend valves to increase or reduce hardness in the system. Our years in the industry mean that you will be advised of the most appropriate system for your needs, and installation will be carried out quickly and efficiently.

We’ll advise on the amount of salt required to treat the hardness, and we can provide the salt that each system needs to function.

Water Softener System Servicing

We usually advise that businesses service their water softener system every six months to one year, depending on usage. We’ll check all the key components: seals, pistons and valves, and ensure that the output is at the correct level of softness or hardness.

Coming equipped, we carry with us a spares pack for the smaller parts, which can save you the time and money of another call-out.

Water Softener System Disinfection

Your water softener may need treating because of contamination or a period of inactivity. Opal can thoroughly clean the system to keep it free of microorganisms such as bacteria, viruses and microbes.