Opal regularly carry out water tank surveys, refurbishments and installations. We also offer water sampling, services and remedial works to optimise your tank’s performance.

Water Tank Refurbishment

If your tank is leaking, we can quickly attend to make the necessary recommendations and repairs. We’ll check the sealant, and that the bolts are tightened to the correct torque, simple measures that can sometimes cause leaks.

We may recommend works, such as additional sealant, repanelling, painting, tank layout, or relining the tanks. If your water tank has hollow supports they are non compliant and will contain stagnant water which can contaminate the supply. We will advise replacing any hollow supports with solid supports to avoid the build-up of bacteria.

We can reduce the amount of water held in your tank by installing different types of ball valves to turn over the water in the tank over a set period of time.


Water Tank Replacement

Depending on the level of deterioration, it can sometimes be more cost-effective to replace a water tank than to continue to repair an old and failing or corrosive system. This can also be a more efficient option due to reduced system downtime required to patch repair equipment that is no longer fit for purpose.

To replace your water tank, we would carry out a full site survey, design a system bespoke to your needs and space, remove the old equipment and build your replacement water tank with minimal downtime.

Water Tank Inspection

Opal offer comprehensive inspections, testing, inspection and remedial work on cold water storage tanks. Our recommendations will be dependent on compliance regulations and any issues we find.

Water tanks need to be sampled regularly to ensure optimal performance. If they are supplying drinking water, this should be every six months, plus all tanks should be temperature-checked six monthly as a minimum. In addition, they should be inspected internally every year. Any cold water storage tank providing drinking water should be cleaned and disinfected annually.